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Organigrow's Newest Chicks

Posted by Simon Cripps Clark on Wednesday, January 10, 2018, In : recent farm news 

It’s not all hard work on an organic egg farm, as recently I got to do one of my most favourite things - pick up a new batch of 1-day old chicks.  Have you ever heard the sound that a couple of thousand, 1-day old chicks make together, when they are on the trek from the Gold Coast to their new home at my Organigrow farm, located just outside of Lismore?  It is one of the cutest and most joyous sounds you can ever hope to experience.

Many people wonder how we get our chicks, do we breed them ...

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Spring is here again!

Posted by Simon Cripps Clark on Tuesday, October 11, 2016, In : recent farm news 

With Spring, new chicks have arrived on the farm and the older chickens are now feeding on the lush pastures presently 
covered in clover.  Scientific studies have shown that clover boosts the omega-3 content of the eggs so it is no wonder that they have that extra goodness.

The mangoes are heavy in blossom and the pecan trees are covering with leaves, bringing more shade over the pastures.  The showers expected in the coming days will boost the growth of the grass, giving the hens even more...

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