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The Organigrow farm is proudly certified both Organic and Humane Choice.  This is not lightly earned and requires constant work to maintain.

Every day of every week is spent looking after the hens on the farm to ensure our feathered friends are healthy and happy, and that quality eggs are produced for you, our customers.

First Light
At first light we walk around each of the runs to check all feed and water lines are working properly with food available and clean flowing water.  The hens regularly eat and drink at this time of the morning.  We are often greeted by hens wanting a back scratch; they are happy to see us and follow us around the run.  At this time, we also pick up any eggs that the girls have laid on the ground instead of in the nest boxes.

All ground eggs are then sorted, washed, packed and refrigerated for the packing run on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  The packing process varies in time depending on the number of eggs. Generally, it will take anywhere from 4-6 hours for 5 people.  Whilst there is a machine to wash and sort the eggs, all eggs are quality checked and packed manually.

Egg Collecting
Ground eggs are collected again late morning and it is at this time that all the hens are let out of the home runs for the rest of the day, to wander and forage freely around the farm.

Chickens do not recognise weekends or public holidays, so nest box collections are started at around 1pm, 7 days a week.  This process takes 2 people around 3-4 hours to complete.  The eggs are carefully stacked into crates and refrigerated in run order, ready for the sorting and packing process.  At mid-afternoon, at the end of collecting, the nest boxes are closed up to stop the hens from soiling the nest box.

Farm Maintenance
The farm also is a hive of activity during weekdays with farm hands maintaining vehicles and machinery used on the farm and in the packing shed, mulching branches for the runs, filling up feed silos in the individual runs, building and maintaining farm infrastructure, cleaning out nest housing and the brooder shed, maintaining fences, and maintaining hygiene with anything used for egg processing.

Organigrow to the Shops
Most days the egg truck is packed with eggs and deliveries are made.  These can be direct to retail customer doors, or to the freight company for longer distance and interstate delivery.

Night Time
By the time the sun has set, the chickens have now returned to their runs to settle in for the night.  They sleep on perches, or sometimes in the trees within the runs.  We visit the runs for the last time after dark to re-open the nest boxes reading for laying the next day.  We also close up all the gates to keep out any unwanted animals like foxes and wild dogs.  Additional protection for the hens, both day and night, are the amazing and beautiful Mareema guard dogs, Po and Palo.

Finding Organigrow Eggs
You can find your nearest stockist on our website, or please email or Facebook us directly and we can let you know.  Enjoy Organigrow Eggs!

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